Carlo Pacolor Garcia lives in Quezon City. He writes fiction and drama; does film and stage direction; and sometimes acts, critiques, translates, writes essays, does TV campaigns, and collages. But mostly he just loves oddities. Email him at carlopacolorgarcia@gmail.com

Alles Nahe werde fern.” – Goethe
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Inventory L-R

First Row:
Balls Made Out of Rock, 5 yuan each, bought in the middle of the Li River, China/ Bioflu & Dolfenal, from the medicine box/ Bobbie Premium Nail Polish, Black, from Sofia/ Star-shaped Candle, origin unknown/ Cigarette Holder, exchange gift from a most dull choirmate

Second Row:
Colgate Toothbrush, P52 (?), from a 3-in-1 Pack, Hypermarket/ Father’s Swiss Knife/ Dismembered Hand of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, from cousin (also no idea why)/ Glass Snake Ornament, origin unknown/ Expired Condoms, box of Durex Love from Sofia while the Trust single, origin unknown

Third Row:
Embodyment Mint Lip Balm, P100, Centris Sunday Market/ Pilot Sign Pen, Blue, from the Mother/ Plastic Flower, used to be three stalks, origin unknown/ Petroleum Jelly, from a 3-in-1 Pack, P75, Hypermarket/ Metal Vase, w/ Paper Cranes, origin unknown

Fourth Row:
Holy Host Container, probably Father’s, now contains extracted molar/ Orange Brocade-Patterned Card (from an 8-piece card & envelope set), P10, presumably from India but bought from Booksale/ Sex in [sic] the City (Eau de Parfum for Men, Acqua G, 20 ml), Christmas Gift from the Mother/ Totem made of Clay signed “Love” by the Japanese artist, souvenir from an exhibit, Green Papaya/ Shattered Red Plastic Bracelet, 70-80 yuan, (apparently not clay, according to Mandy) from a store at the edge of a cave, Guangzhou, China

Fifth Row:
Toy Story Glue Stick, probably from a set, stolen from niece/ Wooden Bracelet, origin unknown/ Blue Rubber Hello Kitty Chopsticks Holder sans chopsticks, Monette’s pasalubong from Hong Kong/ Universal Charger, P180, Circle C/ Lime and Baby Blue Tupperware Containers still with stale Happy Brownies, Monette’s